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Series 3+ Red Spec 330 Watt Dimmable Grow Light

Series 3+ Red Spec 330 Watt Dimmable Grow Light

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Our Series 3+ Red Spec 330 Watt Indoor LED grow light is designed to be the ultimate flowering unit. Each kit utilizes 3 of our custom designed & full spectrum LED boards with Samsung LM301H, Samsung LH351H Deep Red LED 660nm, Samsung LH351H Far Red 730nm, and UVA. This unit is dimmable, with wattage output from 140 to 330 (+/­- 5%) watts


  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Full-spectrum white, 660nm deep red, 730nm far red, and UVA
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Better canopy light penetration
  • Dimmer included
  • 3-year warranty
  • Designed to replace a single-ended 600 Watt HID
  • Kit includes LED boards, driver, heatsink, dimmer, hanging kit, and wiring
  • Kit is almost plug and play - attach two wires with wagos, mount the driver, and then hang.



140-330 Watts

LED Diodes

Samsung LM301H, Samsung 660nm / 730nm, UVA

Flowering Footprint

2.5' x 5'

Veg Footprint

5' x 5' 


38" x 8.1" x 1"

Recommended Mounting Height

18-24 inches above canopy

Spectrum Options

3000k (flowering), 3500k (veg & flower)


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