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Series 2+ SQ² Veg Spec 250 Watt Dimmable Grow Light

Series 2+ SQ² Veg Spec 250 Watt Dimmable Grow Light

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Our Series 2 SQ2 Veg Spec 250 Watt Indoor LED grow light is designed to be perfect for seedlings and the vegetative cycle. Each kit utilizes 2 of our custom designed & full spectrum LED boards with Samsung LM301B in 4000k spectrum along with Cree XPE2 450nm and 470nm. This unit is dimmable, with wattage output from 30 to 260 (+/­- 5%) watts


  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Full-spectrum white along with blue supplemental diodes
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Better canopy light penetration
  • Dimmer included
  • 3-year warranty
  • Designed to replace a single-ended 500 Watt HID
  • Kit includes LED boards, driver, heatsink, dimmer, hanging kit, and wiring



30-260 Watts

LED Diodes

Samsung LM301B, 450nm, and 470nm

Veg Footprint

4' x 4' 


19.7" x 18.1" x 2.5"

Recommended Mounting Height

24-36 inches above canopy

Spectrum Options

4000k Only

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