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Are your boards Quantum Boards?

No they are not. Quantum Board is a trademarked term used by a competitor. We engineer and design our own boards and kits. To respect the trademark, we call our boards generally PCB LED Boards.

Where are you located and where is your light made?

We are based out of Michigan, USA. All orders ship out of Michigan. We hand build and assemble every kit in Michigan, USA. Our goal by 2021 is to have 100% of the light manufactured in Michigan (minus the driver of course).

How does shipping work?

We ship using USPS Priority or UPS ground. All orders ship out within 24 hours after order placement unless we are experiencing a delay in builds. Normally, orders arrive in 2 to 4 business days once shipped. Please keep in mind, a weekend order may not ship until the next available business day. This also applies to holidays.

Why do you use the term "Budget" in your name?

Simply put, for the money, you will not find a better performing grow light. Also, we do not invest money to beautify the product. A lot of LED companies spend more on making the kits look cool rather than spending the money on performance. Our focus is performance first. It is a grow light and it needs to perform like one. 

Why do your grow lights cost more than LED grow lights on Amazon?

Most grow lights on Amazon are made of poor quality components such as Epistar diodes and off brand drivers. Also, they list the grow lights as equivalent wattage. When comparing our lighting to others, please reference the wall draw wattage and also compare the components. We only use quality components from the leaders in the LED market - Samsung, Cree, Osram, LG, and Meanwell. All our LED boards and drivers come with a 3 year warranty. 

Why are you cheaper than some of the Major Competitors?

We are not greedy people. Our lighting often costs more to manufacture than our competition because our qty is lower. We just do not charge the insane mark-up they do. We are not in this to sell you one light. We want to be your partner in lighting for many years to come.

What are the recommended hanging height for your kits?

Our lighting is bright and efficient. For the seedling stage, we would suggest a hanging height of 30 to 36 inches. For the vegetative stage (or after 2 weeks from spout), lower the lighting to about 24 inches. As the weeks continue on, lower the lighting  gradually to about 18 inches. For flowering, 12 to 18 inches is ideal. Start on the higher side and gradually work your way down. Every strain and plant type has different requirements. Please remember these are guidelines and your plant may require more or less light. 

Why are you more expensive than Alibaba Quantum Board Kits?

Alibaba quantum board kits are often made from poor quality materials, have a low SMT process (how the diode is attached to the board), and only have a 1 year warranty. In our testing, they also use low bin diodes and have poor circuit designs that cause heat issues. They are also notorious for using fake spectrums and knock off diodes. Our boards are made out of high quality aluminum & copper. Same goes for our heat sink and other electrical components. Our SMT process is up there with the best. That is why we warranty our product for 3 years.